Website Design & Development

Website Innovation is the blend of enthusiastic individuals and high aiming brands that set the milestone in web development in the whole world. From intuitive and attractive website design to sophisticated web applications development, we build them all with no hassle. We offer all kinds of website design and development to suit your customized needs. It includes responsive designs, smart services and menus, fast customer interaction, full monitored analysis reports to business centric implementations that share the core gist of your outlined business objectives. We can work on all level of your business website from rudiments to high-tech development. At OnlyTrades, our passionate and expert software engineers and designers excel at delivering quality and excellency in all aspects of the project while our talented management team will ensure continuous communication and support and on time delivery.

Web Applications Development

Everything you need in one application! Takes advantage of modern browser features and make it behave just like a native application. The app should look nice on all devices, no matter their screen size. Our app has a fairly simple UI so we’ve used only a couple of media queries to control font-size, paddings, margins, etc. Access from anywhere, from any device, anytime. Accessible anytime, anywhere, via a smartphone, tablet or a PC with an Internet connection, putting the user in charge of where and when they access the application. At OnlyTrades Powerful applications with all the features you need! A whole new level of web development creating easy to use, attractive, and powerful web applications backed by powerful, data enabled web tools that drive business processes. OnlyTrades develops custom web applications and software across a wide range of technology platforms. Our main aim is to ensure that our client's business strategies are successfully implemented, and the technological performance is enhanced. We work in close collaboration with our customers to try and understand their business model and their exact requirements. We automate your unique business processes to allow you to spend your time doing what you do best.

Mobile Apps Design & Development

Mobile Applications are more pervasive in nature. It is the visual impact of quality mobile app design and development that helps the user to get the most relevant information available. Data is vital to mobile applications. It reflects the applications model which in turn reflects your business workflow structure. Having a mobile app is one of the most essential part in building your brand that delivers for your consumers. The Android and iOS platforms are our digital playgrounds. Join us in the rollercoaster ride of mobile apps experience designed and then refined for your peculiar business processes. We aspire to inspire you towards the better way of building a great mobile app together for your customers. Our pool of designers creates, and design branded and personalized UIs and functionalities with a wide range of characterization and add-ins. Each interface is linked to a back-end platform which offers clients in-depth analysis and data collection. Reports and infographics are generated on demand base allowing for efficient evaluation and performance insights.


Offering Digital Solutions for Businesses aimed at improving productivity and efficiency of multi-department Organizations and Enterprises. Our services range from online shopping systems, online payment processing, interactive product catalogs, Tracking systems, automated billing systems, CRM, business intelligence, project management system, enterprise application integration, and enterprise forms automation. With the latest tools and applications, we create digital systems and software's for Organizations with a range of services and activities, acquiring heavy reporting and tracking and billing analysis and efficiency which are all tailor made to suit clients’ needs and objectives. In addition to the back-end, our systems include user-friendly and highly secured front-end dashboards which allow managements and access granted individuals to customize and monitor all activities and real-time feeds. The systems allow for better organizational control and efficacy of the overall operational system.